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Dr. E. Murali Darshan

Become part of a community that supports and embraces you as you test the limits of who you can be. Take risks. Discover new strengths. Fall down. Stand up stronger. Collaborate. Innovate. Become the difference in the world today. We the FBS community will be behind you at every step of the way.

FBS community is a laboratory, where stories of students supporting each other is the rule, not the exception, where bright minds and bright futures come together for a single purpose to prepare wise leaders to become the difference in the world of business and beyond.

At FBS, community is purposeful and it shines through the everyday moments that define us: a meal shared with classmates, an impromptu meeting with a professor, downtime in the lobby, a personal moving or an event.

Our community is unlike any other you will find. Enriched by the caliber of its people, strengthened by the intense desire, and sustained by the lifelong relationships it creates, the FBS community will support and nurture you throughout your time here and wherever FBS takes you.

I welcome all of you to Be The Difference – Dr. E. Murali Darshan



Chancellor, Central University of Karnataka
Chairman, Karnataka State Universities Review Commission
Performance Mentor & Auditor, World Bank TEQIP
President, Indian Red Cross
Former Vice-Chancellor, Bangalore University (Twice)
Former President, Indian Society of Technical Education
Former Chairman, South West Region, Aicte
Former Member Executive Committee, AICTE

“I‘d like to extend all of you a hearty welcome to FBS.
In today’s world, the need is more for leaders than managers.
As the world gets flatter, the demand for innovative leaders has never been greater.”

– Dr.N.R.Shetty